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OXYVET Emergency Veterinary Service


Prices below do not contain the cost of drugs used for treatments. In term of the prices of interventions not listed here, ask for more information when calling the service. VAT is included in prices. Prices are given in HUF.

Call-out fee + examination *  13500.-
Blood sampling  1300.-
Blood sugar test  1300.-
Bleeding and clotting time  1300.-
Urinalysis (stick and fast tests)  2500.-
Puncture (abdominal, bladder, thoracic, joint)  5000.-
Puncture (cyst, abscess)  2500.-
On-site tests of body fluids  1500.-
Subcutaneous infusion  1000.-
Peripheral venous catheter  1300.-
Intravenous, intraperitoneal infusion  1300.-
Urinary catheterization  2500.-
Removal of foreign body from the ear  2500.-
Life-saving treatment
Gastric lavage 10000.-
Emesis  5000.-
Tracheal intubation  5000.-
Passing a stomach tube  5000.-
First aid in case of pneumothorax 10000.-
Reanimation 15000.-
Vein preparation  5000.-
Thoracocentesis 10000.-
Narcosis up to 10 kg bodyweight including the cost of medicine  4100.-
                for every further 10 kg bodyweight  1500.-
Simple gauze bandage  1300.-
Greater gauze bandage  2500.-
Compression bandage  3800.-
Debridement  2000.-
Wound management by approximation of wound margins  5000.-
Opening of haematoma  2500.-
Opening of abscess  2500.-
Opening and cleaning of abscess  7500.-
Removal of foreign body from the mouth  3000.-
Fluorescein test  2000.-
Ophtalmoscopy  2500.-
Schirmer test  2500.-
Euthanasia  6500.-

The attendance of simple cases are 16.000 - 18.000 HUF, and the attendance of complicated cases are 18.000 - 25.000 HUF in general.

* 8.000 HUF call-out fee will be charged even if the animal escapes or dies before the arrival of the veterinarian.

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