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dr. Psáder Roland

Roland Psáder, DVM
Graduated at Szent Istvan University Faculty of Veterinary Science (SzIU FVS, Budapest) in 2000. From 2001 working at the Department and Clinic of Internal Medicine, staff member of the Central Small Animal Clinic of the Veterinary Faculty. Takes part in ambulatory and intensive care treatment of small animal patients. Involved in the education of graduate and postgraduate students. From 2003 specialization in gastrointestinal and airway endoscopy of dogs and cats. Obtained the degree of Veterinary Expert of Companion Animal Medicine  in 2006 (SzIU FVS). Current position: research assistant at the Department of Internal Medicine.

Specialization: internal medicine of dogs and cats, respiratology, gastroenterology

2003 University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna
2005 Italy, endoscopy (respiratology, gastroenterology)
2006 University of Helsinki, Faculty of Veterinary Science, endoscopy
2010 Justus-Liebig University Giessen, Germany, ESAVS Advanced Veterinary Endoscopy Course
2012 International Small Animal Gastroenterology Symposium Rome, Italy

2013 Texas A&M University, Texas, USA, Small Animal Hospital, Internal Medicine, Feline Medicine,


2014 Birmingham, U. K., BSAVA conference, Internal Medicine, Endoscopy


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