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OXYVET Emergency Veterinary Service

OXYVET Emergency Veterinary Service       

Emergency night service for urgent animal care in Budapest at your home!

At OXYVET Emergency Veterinary Service we accept phone calls between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. from the entire Budapest.

We provide primary care service to small animals (mainly dogs and cats) with several years' professional experience obtained as staff members of the Small Animal Clinic of the Veterinary Faculty in Budapest. Our aim is to provide ASAP professional veterinary attendance to animals require immediate medical care, and prepare diagnostic steps needed for further treatment.

Emergencies could happen at any time even at night. In such cases professional veterinary attendance given in time can be life-saving, or may contribute massively to the fast recovery of your pet. In some cases (e.g. in case of certain toxicosis) the omission of careful examination at the appearance of the first signs of illness may lead to difficulties in the further diagnostic preocedures and therapy. Therefore it is essential that you pet gets professional attendance as soon as possible.

It may happen that you pet needs hospitalization, but because of its poor general condition it might be life-threatening due to stress caused by transport. In such cases our aim is to stabilize the general state of the animal as soon as possible and to prepare it for transportation.

Our OXYVET Emergency Veterinary Service goes to your home to provide high quality veterinary care.

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